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Signing into zoom using SSO (reccomended)

If you are having troubles logging into zoom try this.....

Click on "Always allow open links of this type in the associated app, and then click Open.

This should sign you into your account.

The instructions listed here will work for all users setup to SSO which stands for Single Sign on.   The whole purpose of Single Sign on is to allow you to login with the same credentials you use for your laptop...

Listening to zoom with headphones/earbuds instead of laptop audio

Open up zoom, log in, in upper right corner of zoom windows click on your Initials

Click on Settings

Click on Audio

Click on the drop-down box under Speakers and choose your headphones.   If they are wired headphones they will need to be plugged in before that option is available, and if they are wireless headphones they need to be connected to your laptop's bluetootch before they will be in dropdown box.  Once you have selected your headphones, click on test speaker to determine if sounds is coming out of them or if it's still coming out of computers speakers.

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