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Encrypting Email in Outlook on your computer (on the App, not Office 365)

Start a new email
Go to Options and select "Encrypt"
Choose the Option you want for Encrypt


Encrypting Email in Outlook on your computer (Office 365)

Create a new email in Outlook under Office 365
Select the 3 dots and choose Encrypt


Using DoNotReply in Outlook

Create a new email
Go to From (if this field is not available in your email, go to options, click on From


Click on From
Choose (if it's there)


If is not there then choose "Other Email Address" it will bring up the following....

Choose DoNotReply and click OK

How to Fix Outlook only displaying emails new than 14 days (video only)

Saving your view (very handy)

If you currently like the way your email is setup and don't want anything to happen to settings so that email would be presented differently let me suggest the following.....
Click on view......

Choose the setting as below but give your view a different name.  You can name it Tims view if you want but ..... nevermind

Now if your email view becomes disrupted, you can go to View, and change view and select the view that you created and it should go back to your desired results......

Adding a new calendar to Outlook
(and sharing it)

Why would you need a new calendar?   Well maybe you manage a group of people and you want to share a calendar for this group but you don't want them to have access to your personal calendar.......

To Begin....

Open Outlook

Go to the calendar section

Click on +Add Calendar and then Create New Blank Calendar (see below)

Give it a name and click Ok (see below)

Click on Share Calendar and choose the calendar you want to share

Click on Add..... and then choose the user, multiple users or group that you want to share the calendar with.   Then Click OK.

Choose the permissions you want to give out to your group and Click Ok

Moving Sidebar to bottom

Currently the sidebar shows on the left side.  In the past it was always on the bottom of page, but with updates to Outlook got moved the side.   To move it back to the bottom follow directions.

Click on File up on top.
Click on Options towards the bottom Click on Advanced
Deselect "Show Apps in Outlook"
Click Ok

Restart Outlook

It is now on the bottom.

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