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Note:   Please do not setup signatures in Foxit using Foxit eSign as this requires a subscription

To Create Signature using Windows Fonts

Open up any document
Go to Protect
Go to Fill & Sign and it will bring up the following secton.  Choose Manage Signatures
Choose +Add and it will bring up the following dialog box, type your name
If you don't like the font (typeface), click on Change Style.   Choose the style you want and.......
.......Click OK.
You can add more than one signature if you want.   The one you just made is listed below.
Your signature is now ready to be placed in your document.  To place it, you click on the signature and then click on the document where you want it to go.  You must his ESC key in order to stop placing signatures.   You can scale by dragging the lower right corner of the signature.   Before you save the document you will have to Apply All Signatures.   If you forget ... when saving .... the program will you give you a reminder.

To Add a Signature from your scanned image

Open up a PDF document that has your signature

Hit the key combination of  Windows-Shift-S

Now drag a square around the signature without cutting any of it off and trying to get as close to it as possible

Now go to Protect / Fill & Sign and choose Manage Signatures

Click on +Add

Click on Paste and then click on purple text that says "Snapshot a signature and paste"

It should look something like this.   Click OK, and then Close (under Manage Signatures window)

Now when you go to Fill & Sign and see your signature you can click and drag it onto the document.  In order to stop placing the signature you need to his ESC, otherwise it will continually keep placing your signature.   When you place your signature you can scale it to fit in the spot it needs to go simply by going to one of the corners and dragging it inwards. 

If you are getting the following message.............

.... it means that you created your signature under Foxit e-sign which is the wrong place to create your signature.   As a temporary solution instead of saving your document you can print to Foxit PDF so at least you don't lose your document with signatures.   As a better solution see the other methods for creating a signature above.

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