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Question:  Do I need to use the VPN?

Answer:    You need to use the VPN in the following 3 circumstances

If you are home and you want to change the password on your laptop which you are required to do every 90 days.

If you are at home and want to access files that you scanned at the office.

If you rarely come into the office with your laptop/computer, you need to log into the VPN every 2-3 weeks to avoid having your laptop/computer fall off the domain, which means the laptop/computer becomes unrecognizable to the network.

Question:  What is the name of the program for using the VPN

Answer:    The name of program is Forticlient


Question:  How do I log into the VPN?

Answer:    Make sure you are not in the office, Make sure you are connected to the Wifi, Open up the Forticlient VPN program, navigate until you get to a login scren such as this.


Your username will be different than what is shown here.

For password enter


(your password is what you use to log into your laptop, and duocode is 6 digit number from your Duo App or your Duo Fob, also.... there is no space between command and duocode)

So for example if your laptop login password was:  GoPackers2023!

and your duocode was 897184

then the password would be as follows:


Once your VPN connection reaches 100% it means you have successfully connected to the VPN.

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