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Recording Voicemail Message

Please consult your supervisor on what information is needed for your voicemail.   If you have both a company cell phone with the Goto App and a desk phone, it is only necessary to record the message(s) on the Cell phone and the voicemail message will also automatically work on your deskphone as well.  (This is assuming both phones are using the same extension)

Press the Home Key

Press 3 (on the dial pad)

Press 1 (on the dial pad)

Press the 2nd Soft key (Connect)

Enter password (typical 4 numbers)

Press 0 (zero) on the dial pad for mailbox options

Enter 1 to record unavailable message or

Enter 2 to record busy message or

Enter 3 to record name

Whatever option you choose, when you are done recording, press the # key (on dial pad).   

Press 1 (on dial pad) to accept message, Hang up

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