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Change Password

If you are at home, continue with these directions.  If you are at work click here

Make sure you are connected to internet via wifi

Go to the program on your computer called Forticlient

Navigate until you get to this screen:

For password enter

password, duocode

(your password is what you use to log into your laptop, and duocode is 6 digit number from your Duo App or your Duo Fob, also.... there is no space between command and duocode)

So for example if your laptop login password was:  GoPackers2023!

and your duocode was 897184

then the password would be as follows:


Once your VPN connection reaches 100% then press:


and the following screen will come up.

Choose "Change a password"

Enter the old password

Enter the new passwd twice

Make sure the new password has:

At least one capital letter, At least one lower-case letter, At least one number, At least one special character, and that the total number of characters is more than 10.   An example might be:


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